Investment Services

Investor Protection

As part of our ongoing commitment to protection of the investing public from unscrupulous investment practices and firms, the Board of Equities and Investments offers a portal for both checking a company’s current licensing status and if applicable, disciplinary history.

You may get in touch with the Board of Equities and Investments by phone or fax.

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Company Check

If you have been approached by an unlicensed company with an offer of financial products or services or you have a specific complaint that you wish to lodge you may use this page to report the company to the Board of Equities and Investments.


Complaint Registration

The Board of Equities and Investments relies on such reports from clients all around the world to ensure that our black list of cold callers and fraudulent brokers is up to date.

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Fraud Prevention

Avoiding becoming a victim of investment fraud starts with education and following some simple dos and don’ts can help you make investments with the knowledge that your investment dollars are in safe hands.


Board of Equities and Investments

The Board of Equities and Investments is a financial regulator charged with the oversight of banking, investments and other financial services in Tokyo.

This website serves as a portal to all of our services to the general public and provides access to a number of tools and documents including warnings, investment advice, complaints and checking procedures and educational material designed to provide the investor with the knowledge needed to invest safely in today’s markets.

Our operational remit includes the supervision and regulation of firms working within the financial markets, dissemination of information to the investing public and management of risk in the financial sector as a whole.

Please read our operational remit to find out more about the purpose and work of the Board of Equities and Investments.

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We believe that banks in Europe should be required to provide more transparency in the information that is given to investors about their collateralized borrowing activity...

Issues Alert on Retirement Portfolios.

The Board of Equities and Investments is concerned that the percentage of stock in retirement portfolios presents a risk to the average policy holder having surveyed and polled...

Warns on Financial Advisors Using Senior Designations to Fool Retirees.

The Board of Equities and Investments has noticed the prevalence of financial advisors that present themselves as trained specifically to advise senior citizens on their investments...

Alert on Scam Investments Using Recent Japan Quake.

The recent disaster in Japan led to a deluge of charitable intentions and action from all over the world helping to make life easier for the millions affected by the tragedies...

Warns About the Proliferation of Fake Gold Stocks.

The Board of Equities and Investments has noticed recently an increase in the number of illegitimate stock offerings in the gold market...

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The Board of Equities and Investments is contemplating a proposal that if effected would make far-reaching changes to corporate governance in M&A transactions...

Proposes Regulation for Commodity Brokers

The Board of Equities and Investments is proposing that the current unregulated commodity sector should come under the same scrutiny and regulation as other investment...